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Hello?…905 Brun Fumé speaking. Chanel? Please, come back another…My nails are perfect!

CHANEL Le Vernis Long Tenue Longwear 905 Brun Fumé

– ”No stylist, no makeup.”…

– What about nails?… My nails are beautiful and I use a hand cream, which is from Chanel, and is very good for cuticles, actually is written in the instructions of the cream (because the hand cream from Chanel have instructions written like a book), but after an age, some people don’t read instructions and use a hand cream after a hand cream, and then another hand cream in the same moment, and then use this beautiful hand cream from Chanel, and then another hand cream ”saying that another cream, but not the Chanel hand cream, is good for cuticules”.

Hellooo?…Please, can somebody tell to that old woman that Chanel hand cream is perfect for cuticles?

I am not conflictual, but when you ask me, I have to answer.

I am calm, very calm… Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé avec S&P 500 aujourd’hui?

This is an update for 05.18.2022:

This is an amazing day! I think I should congratulate S&P 500 Index.

Congratulations S&P 500! You are the BEST! You know exactly what is about, I couldn’t said it better! S&P 500 IS THE BEST INDEX!

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