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Chapter closed…Forever!

Joy Style Trends 7th Anniversary Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media
Joy Style Trends 7th Anniversary, Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media

Today I deactivated my twitter account because I found out by chance that the ownership of twitter has changed and now a neighbour from El Segundo, Los Angeles, California says that owns twitter.

After 7 years here on California, Los Angeles I know very sure that I don’t want to share anything with this neighbour that says that owns twitter.

Anyway, my twitter account was very new, only from this year and I posted and tweeted only about makeup and beauty products that I believe in.

My decision is based on a very simple analysis of this neighbour that says that ownes twitter and I don’t want that my beautiful beauty blog Joy Style Trends to be related in any way with the activity of this neighbour, mainly because in the past it was a big subject that he doesn’t need advertisment. Today, not only that this neighbour that says that owns twitter needs advertising, but he is begging advertisers to pay for ads on the new twitter or whatever will be the name, and from my point of view this is not an honest attitude.

I believe in the power of advertising and I truly believe that a good image is better than this declarations that I have read in the media. And especially in the beauty industry, advertising is very important.

This article wasn’t on my schedule today, but I think it’s very important to delimitate the content of my beautiful beauty blog Joy Style Trends from the new owner of twitter.

And I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and to say from far away: ”Thank you, Mr. Jack Dorsey!, and to his team”, for a beautiful experience for almost 8 months on twitter.


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