DIOR BACKSTAGE Lip Palette Review

DIOR Backstage Lip Palette

One of the most versatile and useful palette from the DIOR BACKSTAGE line is the Lip Palette. This palette is an essential daily makeup product for me and I usually count on this makeup product even on days when my makeup is very natural. First of all, I really like the case of this palette because I can see all the shades through the transparent package, is very easy, elegant and chic in the same time. I like the DIOR name embossed on the case and I have to say that when I made some photos for this review, the light and the DIOR name looked very exquisite and stylish. Anyway, the moment I had this palette, is the moment when I first tried the lipsticks and I didn’t stop until I tried them all in a various combinations. Since that moment, I had two another palettes because of the two shades that I liked very much and I used them a lot: Matte Amber shade combined with Satan Peach shade and a little Pink Gloss sometimes, or Blush Gloss, and because one palette is in my handbag almost everyday for the moments when I need a little retouch of my lips makeup. These shades looks very natural on my lips and make a perfect shade lipstick even for a special occasion makeup.

Although DIOR BACKSTAGE Lip Palette has 9 shades that can be applied separately each of them, I prefer a matte shade with a touch of a gloss, which in these palette is pink, beige or in a blush shade, or a satin finish lipstick after I use a matte shade to contour my lips, because the high pigment matte lipstick has a little darker shades and makes a perfect combination for my lipstick. But the most of all, the reason that I like DIOR BACKSTAGE Lip Palette very much is the same from the beginning: I can mix a variety of shades and textures of lipsticks and glosses until the perfect shade. There are 9 splendid, beautiful, gorgeous shades of matte, satin finish lipsticks and glosses and the results are perfect for many types of makeup.

Does this lipsticks shades have a long-wearing formula? Well, that depends on how is applied the first layer of lipstick.

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