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My essential makeup product is DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct Concealer

DIOR Forever Skin Correct
DIOR Forever Skin Correct

I really need concealer under my eyes.

I thought how to start this review and I have to admit that my face is brighter and luminous when my concealer is in his place, exactly under my eyes. I mean, I cannot do my makeup without concealer.
DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct is THE CONCEALER! Above all the concealers, I don’t mind to write this because I really have experience with concealers and I know how it should be the perfect concealer for me.
There are some criteria that makes this makeup product the best from my point of view and an essential makeup product:


    The DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct concealer is perfect for my skin tone: brigthens my whole face in a beautiful natural way, not to much, but exactly the way it should be. That’s because my dark circles are really dark and there is a very big difference when I apply concealer. And the shade 00 Universal makes this dark circles very beautiful even in a natural makeup or in the most sophisticated makeup that I have tried. I really think the shade is very important in a concealer because even the slightest different shade from the perfect shade has an enormous impact on the whole makeup.

    DIOR Forever Skin Correct


    DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct is a very creamy with a full coverage concealer that I apply in one layer around the eyes and sides of the nose. It has a natural beautiful effect and if I want to make this area more enhanced, I apply a supplementary layer. In most of the cases I apply the concealer with my fingertips, but there are some moments when I use a brush, it applies very smoothly. Either way, this concealer stays all day long and never settles into my fine lines around my eyes. I usually use concealer after at least: the primer, which obviously is from DIOR, and the foundation from the same line: DIOR FOREVER. I always use powder after concealer, I cannot write about using a concealer without powder, and especially for this one, DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct. It looks absolutely amazing! And perfect!

    DIOR Forever Skin Correct


    DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct is a high end make up product with a luxurious package, very stylish, extremely elegant and has the same design with the bottle of foundation from DIOR FOREVER. The concealer has a perfect brush applicator for the perfect amount of product, very easily to use for any makeup. The package of DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct has 11 ml of creamy concealer, a big quantity, and that’s makes a very good choice for this type of product, even from this point of view.


    I have DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct concealer in my makeup essentials products for more than a year, long enough to make an objective impression based on multiple makeups that I did for my beautiful face. This concealer, as its name suggests, is far more than just a simple concealer, is first of all a corrector of the imperfections and really corrects them because after I use a small amount of product, there is a beautiful blurring effect under my eyes, although I don’t need blur because I don’t have so much wrinkles, then the concealer makes the dark circles almost vanished and really brightens up the eyes and my whole face and after using this product my complexion and especially my under eyes skin feels very moisturized. I really appreciate that DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct has a full coverage because one of the problems with other concealers was exactly this: the coverage was medium or small and back then I didn’t know that my dark circles need a full coverage.

And I want to mention something: after I read and saw some reviews about this product, I realize that most of the problems that people say that have, I think that comes from the understanding of the make up, generally speaking and in particular about the product. Or better to say, the misunderstanding of the makeup.
DIOR Forever Skin Correct

DIOR Forever Skin Correct
You can’t expect to have maximum results from a makeup product if you don’t use it in a makeup with the products from the same brand and line or range.
Of course, I used to use in the past a primer from a brand, and then a foundation from another, and a powder from another, because today when there are so many options to buy from, there is this catch: ”I want all the products, I don’t know how to choose, I saw somewhere a review and it seemed to be okay, but the result is not what I expected it to be.”
Even if I use a mix of high end makeup products, the results may not be the best as they are supposed to be as in the case if the makeup would’ve been made with the makeup products from the same category and brand.


DIOR Forever Skin Correct
That’s why my highly recommendation is to use, at least for the base of a good makeup, which means the primer, the foundation, the concealer and the powder, makeup products from the same brand and from the same range. It is important because every makeup brand has it’s own rules about how they make their products and there are small to null chances that a product from a brand to really, really match with the shades and texture from another.
Testing makeup products from many brands is one thing, but making a review for one product after using it in the same makeup with a mix of products from different brands, I don’t think it’s a fair review. Actually, I don’t even consider a recommendation coming from a person that makes a makeup with a mix of products from different makeup brands.
DIOR Forever Skin Correct

That’s why I always use my concealer DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct with the other makeup products only from DIOR, because I consider that this concealer continues and matches beautifully with the result of what the foundation DIOR FOREVER did before when was applied, the foundation matches perfectly with the primer, again from DIOR, etc., and the powder sets in a beautiful way all this layers of makeup products. And the setting spray, the DIOR FOREVER Perfect Fix is just perfect for setting the whole makeup.

DIOR Forever Skin Correct

Where to buy from (even in the middle of the night):

DIOR Forever Skin Correct

As a conclusion, DIOR FOREVER Skin Correct concealer it’s perfect for my makeup! Absolutely the perfect concealer!

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