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This Cookie Policy applies to all users of the site The information you read below informs you how the cookies used by this site are placed, used and administered, so that any user can choose whether to continue browsing on the site and under what conditions. It also explains your rights to control our use of these kind of tracking technologies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that saves your internet settings. Almost every web page uses this technology. It is downloaded by your internet browser the first time you access a web page.

The next time you access this web page with the same device, the cookies and saved information are either sent back to the web page that created them (First Party Cookie) or to another web page to which they belong (Third Party Cookie). Thus, the web page acknowledges that you have visited the page with this browser once before, and in some cases the content displayed varies.

Some cookies can contain personally identifiable information such as name, IP adress, etc.

What kind of cookies are in use?

Session Cookies are cookies that are erased when the user closes the webbrowser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after the browser is closed. Session cookies doesn’t collect information from the user’s computer.

Persistent Cookies are stored on your device between site visits. They allow us to remember your preferences.

First – Party Cookies are cookies created by our site for use while on our site.

Third – Party Cookies are cookies created by third-parties outside of our site.

How and why we use cookies

Cookies are integral to the functionality of our site including targeted advertising, for the improve the performance or to provide you extra functionality for our site.

The kinds of cookies we use include:

Strictly Necessary Cookies are cookies absolutely necessary for the functionality of our site.

Performance Cookies recognize return visitors and any preferences they have made in previous visits.

Advertising Cookies help us deliver personalized ad content relevant to your interests. As we utilize third parties services, our authorized service providers may also place cookies on your device.

Analytical or Customization Cookies collect information about how users access and move through the site. We use this information to improve the way our site works, or to personalize our site to your interests.

Social Media Cookies allow us to integrate social media functions into our site and may also be used for advertising purposes.

How to manage, control and delete cookies

Here are some in-depth guides on how to control and delete cookies:

Further information about deleting and blocking cookies can be found at:

Further information about our advertisers use of cookies can be found at:

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance:

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Revised 09/01/2020