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The BEST Fragrance from Maison Christian Dior La Collection Privée is Tobacolor Eau de Parfum

Tobacolor Eau de Parfum Maison Christian Dior La Collection Privée, Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media

An outstanding fragrance from La Collection Privée of Maison Cristian Dior is Tobacolor Eau de Parfum. This beautiful and exquisite scent is an amazing story of fragrance captured in the renowned bottle of Maison Christian Dior La Collection Privée parfums, is one of the most luxurious, opulent, extravagant, complex and perfect parfums that I ever had.

Although I have to admit that Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is not an easy-to-wear perfume, it’s important the season, the occasion when I wear it and the style of my makeup for that day. And something else: Tobacolor is an Eau de Parfum included in La Collection Privée of Maison Christian Dior and even if all the others perfumes from this exquisite collection are meant to be shown and they have that vibe that you want that everybody to know that you’re wearing an precious scent from Christian Dior, well, Tobacolor is such an extraordinary, unique creation that I really have to tell you that I honestly use this fragrance only for the days when I am alone or when I meet a very few people that could understand my passion for good taste and extreme high quality.

It’s a very big joy for me to tell you that Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is the most beautiful, exquiste and glamorous fragrance from this wonderful collection of perfumes of Maison Christian Dior La Collection Privée, and maybe that is because there is a secret ingredient through the olfactory notes that was not disclosed, but known only by the amazing perfumeur François Demachy, that makes this perfume to be tremendously addictive and attractive. If I would make a top of the Christian Dior perfumes, Tobacolor would be on the first place, not only because of the fragrance itself, but because is very powerful, strong, long lasting parfume, much more than all the other fragrances. This is an important quality of Tobacolor Eau de Parfum, from my point of view, that makes me say this fragrance is above all other perfumes of Maison Christian Dior.

Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is The Conqueror Of The World of Perfumery, the absolutely fearless, audacious fragrance that has the most comprehensive collection of qualities that can be included in the best eau de parfum.

I would like to show you what is the description of this beautiful, gorgeous fragrance:

The fragrance name Tobacolor has the ring of a surprising encounter, an invitation to discover the nuances of fresh tobacco tinged with joyful colors.

Strong, generous and rich with aromas, the Tobacolor fragrance unfurls a beautifully sensual oriental trail. The bewitching scent evokes travel and freedom.

Tobacolor is a contrasting fragrance, a hot-cold blend that combines the scent of hookah embers with fresh, fruity notes.

From the blonde tobacco leaves, to the ‘gris’ tabacco, and dark tobacco blends… Tobacco, with its rich colors and pungent aromas, has inspired joyful new hues for Tobacolor by Maison Christian Dior. The fragrance opens up like a rainbow of colors and senses: the brown nuances of tobacco and shimmering shades of plum and peach blend with the golden tones of honeyed notes.

Oriental. The Tobacolor fragrance is a fruity tobacco with a mix of pungent smoky notes and delectably juicy, syrupy notes.

The powerfully ambery Tobacolor fragrance sweeps you up in its irresistible swirls.

Perfumer’s Word
“I wanted to revisit the classic composition of a ‘tobacco’ scent by creating a surprising trail around the paradox of a cold hookah. I wrapped the tobacco’s characteristic smokiness with sweet, fruity and warm, joyful notes. Tobacolor is as powerful as it is cheery. It is an enveloping, comfortably endearing fragrance.”

The package of this amazing perfume, Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is magnificent: from the Maison Christian Dior luxurious box, with the beautiful little pillow with the logo inside, and the exclusive bag for travel, and the package of the bottle with rounded cardboard box, the bottle with the magnetic cap with CD logo, and of course, until the samples that I received with the purchase, everything is so WOW!, luxurious, in the real lavish style.

Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is perfect for the sparkling holiday period of the year, only that you don’t have to wait until November, 28 or December, 24 to feel the joy of this amazing fragrance on the skin.

And Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is better than yours ”sold out in 24 hours” perfume (which I don’t know how it is, but can’t be a good perfume for only $100).

My beautiful Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is pure liquid gold in a bottle, is the most amazing scent ever, I am ecstatic.

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