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8th Anniversary of Joy Style Trends Blog. After 8 years online

House Aspen Colorado

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado. Actually, in Aspen. The driver stops the car, although there are more minutes untill the new address. I hope this is ”the new my address”. The landscape in Aspen is astonishing, reminds me of a beautiful resort from somewhere, but the serenity here is absolutely impeccable.

Finally, I am gonna see my dream house directly and this an emotion I have never experienced before.

It all has begun a few months ago. I can say it was a ”love at first sight” because after a few days I couldn’t think of anything else, but this wonderful residence in Aspen.

Take a look at this AMAZING mansion situated at 1001 Ute Avenue, Aspen, Colo., in a video, actually THE VIDEO that made me come to Aspen today:

My dream house

I am speechless. I simply don’t know what to say. After I saw this amazing super house, I thought I need the money they were asking for this mansion in Aspen. So I tried and did my best in order to get the necessary amount, but meanwhile, the super house of my dreams from Aspen was bought by someone else, last month.

This is bad luck. After 8 years online I didn’t knew I had competition for such a wonderful property.

Happy 8th Anniversary to my beautiful Joy Style Trends Blog!

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