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CHANEL launched the most expensive lipstick: 31 LE ROUGE

CHANEL Rouge 31

31 LE ROUGE is the most exclusive lipstick offered by the House of CHANEL, inspired by an iconic address: 31 rue Cambon, the birthplace of CHANEL creation.


31 LE ROUGE. The spirit of 31 rue Cambon, in the most mesmerising lipstick yet.

Inspired by the mirrors that line the legendary Art Deco staircase in Gabrielle Chanel’s rue Cambon apartment, the faceted square case of 31 LE ROUGE is the most irresistible packaging in the history of CHANEL lipstick. A two-digit combination unlocks a fusion of sophistication and functionality, of creative and technical mastery, of absolute uniqueness and fluidity of design, of an intimate and aesthetic experience, all contained within a clear glass case that showcases the metallic gleam of a refillable lipstick.

Its 12 shades, ranging from garnet to fuchsia and brown to crimson, are vibrant reflections of Gabrielle Chanel’s memories, the mastery demonstrated by the ateliers, and the creativity and vitality integral to rue Cambon. These colours were created to reveal, to embellish, to state the obvious, and were made for individuality rather than subtlety.

The formula, which has been carefully developed by the CHANEL laboratories, offers a long-lasting look and an entirely new sensory experience.

More than just a chance to experience 31 LE ROUGE – a rendez-vous. And the fact that it takes place only at the most emblematic boutiques is no coincidence.

31 LE ROUGE comes with a quilted black sleeve designed to protect the lipstick’s square, faceted glass case.


Formulated with 75% naturally derived ingredients with no compromise on efficacy, 31 LE ROUGE is an innovation in makeup.

Skincare benefits, which contribute to the appearence of better-looking lips with each passing day, complement its glide-on texture and intense, long-wearing colour.

Finely micronised pigments combined with sheer mother-of-pearl reveal intense, purely radiant colour.

Its formula is enriched with Gardenia oil from Gaujacq, a CHANEL exclusive ingredient*, and Maracuja oil, to leave lips appearing smoother and more defined.

After 1 month of use, lips:
Feel more moisturised: +70%**
Appear Smoother: +44%***
Look Firmer: +55%***
Appear more defined: +14%***

*Patent pending in Europe, the United States, South Korea, China, and Japan.
**Instrumental test performed with a corneometer on bare lips after 4 weeks of use, 20 women.
***Clinical evaluation of bare lips after 4 weeks of use, 26 women.

CHANEL 31 LE Rouge, Video: CHANEL


Smooth precision application in a single stroke.

Begin by applying the lipstick in an “X” shape at the centre of the lips, from the top lip towards the bottom lip. Then extend it out towards the corners.

31 LE ROUGE comes with a quilted black sleeve designed to protect the lipstick’s square, faceted glass case. Always keep the product in its sleeve when not in use, to prevent scratches and keep the glass beautifully polished.

Refills cannot be used without a case and are compatible exclusively with 31 LE ROUGE.

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