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My New Year’s 2024 Resolution

New Year's 2024 Resolution, Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media

I don’t know if it’s a good resolution for this year because I am standing with my glass of champagne in my hand, but the feeling is very good. It’s always like that on the first day of January, it’s a feeling of hope looking at the New Year ahead and to so many things that you can choose to do. Today there is no pressure for the things that has to be done, no regrets for the things I should’ve done already because today is the first day from a brand new year. I absolute adore the sunshine light in the morning in Los Angeles, is amazing.

I read that many people can’t respect their resolutions over the time of the year, doesn’t matter if it’s written and repeted every day. I think that this happened because it’s very hard to change habits: perhaps not today, maybe not tomorrow, but when a normal routine is established, it’s very difficult to introduce a new thing in a daily schedule.

So if my resolution is not going to actually happen, why do I write it anyway?

I am here for more than 8 years and I have never written a New Year’s Resolution before. This is my first New Year’s Resolution in my beautiful Californian blog. I have to meet the high standards of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Silicon Valley, and of course, El Segundo, Los Angeles, California.

But first, let me explain, as you can see, my beautiful photo for my New Year’s 2024 Resolution article capture an extraordinary coincidence: the very delicate gold necklace with my absolutely favorite number 888 that means so much to me, 8 years online with Joy Style Trends Blog in Los Angeles, 8 the number of infinite and 8 the number of something very personal that I cannot write about it here, and then this absolutely splendid sample of the new parfum from DIOR La Collection Privée, named New Look, which for me is so very true because I have a new look, new year, new look, the amazing natural red roses bouquet, very romantic as you know my dear, that I am very romantic and I like flowers so much, and not at last, my gorgeous gold earrings with stars shape and diamonds, which I consider they are perfect for special occasions like this.

It’s a wonderful coincidence to have all this things in one photo because they mean so much to me and they are pieces of my innocent road.

Well, I have 8 years already. It’s AMAZING!

What is my Resolution for this year 2024?

This year 2024, I receive $10 million dollars for my blog Joy Style Trends for development into a very beautiful business.

I get $10 million dollars.

I get $10 million dollars.

I get $10 million dollars.

I have $10 million dollars.

Well, if I say this often everyday, who knows, maybe it’s happening.

I don’t believe in luck, so I have to make this a reality.

I will hire a beautiful team of Americans and my beautiful blog will be an extraordinaire place to stay and read about the best makeup products.

So be it!

Have a wonderful New Year 2024!

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