My Way Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani, the fragrance for my new way

In my car smells of My Way Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani. I have a bottle of perfume especially for when I am in my car, and travel on my way on highways that I never knew existed.
The name of this perfume has such a great impact. In the distance, the landscapes are stunningly beautiful.
Blooming tuberose flowers smell like no other…
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”I prefer to learn…”, that would have been an interesting answer to all these changes. But you left the road. ”The road”.
The appearance of My Way is not a coincidence, is a result. A result of a long series of excellent choices. It’s a new fragrance with a deep meaning that shows a new way, pure like a fresh snow. Every snowflake is perfect and My Way fragrance brings the perfection in each and every bottle. My Way is a luxurious, elegant, sparkling, bright, tempting and seductive fragrance.
Two words, two simple words that capture an entire wisdom of life: My Way. The name of this perfume is very introspective and this fragrance is a beauty product that respect the environment according to the values and the objective of the Armani beauty brand to achieve carbon neutrality and to reduce its CO2 emissions.
I asked myself what is carbon neutrality. And here a simple answer from a very simple documentation on the internet: carbon neutrality means having an equilibrium balance between carbon emissions and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere in carbon sinks. The carbon oxide can be removed from the atmosphere and stored it through a process named carbon sequestration. In order to reduce and to achieve net zero emissions, all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions will have to be counterbalanced by carbon sequestration. This is a very big subject.
But in a way, every person can contribute to this huge environmental challenge by choosing consciously to reduce its own environmental footprint and use products that are made by brands that respect nature and have a real commitment to achieve carbon neutrality. And this commitment translates at every level of the production, from the packaging to the ingredients that are used. The beauty products from Armani beauty brand are packaged with certified paper and cardboard sourced from forests that are sustainably managed.
My Way has a bottle that can be refilled. That means that I can refill the beautiful, elegant bottle of the perfume as soon as the last drop is finished, with the fragrance from the 150 ml refill bottle made in a cellophane – free box. All the 3 sizes of the perfume are refillable, they can be unscrewed and refilled with the same refill bottle.
This way the waste is reduced and I can reuse the first bottle of perfume as long as I want. And according to Armani beauty brand that means a way to reduce material used in the making of the product with 64% in plastic, 55% of glass, 32% of paper and 75% of metal, per each refill bottle.
I think this innovation, this option to refill the bottle whenever I choose to do that is a masterpiece of innovations for the perfumery industry.
My Way fragrance in the perfect beautiful sunlight in my fantasy beauty land
The golden ring stamped with the Giorgio Armani signature in my fantasy beauty land
This is an extraordinary initiative for a beauty brand because it makes me think about the choices that we make and how are affecting this the nature. And because of the biodiversity protection programs that capture the 7000 tons of residual emissions for producing it, My Way achieves carbon neutrality in its first year.
Giorgio Armani My Way Eau de Parfum in my fantasy beauty land
I think it is important to know the story of the product and this bottle of perfume is very special, not only because the smell is very seductive and elegant, and feminine, but because this perfume is made with respect for the nature.
My Way is My Favorite Fragrance.
Giorgio Armani My Way Eau de Parfum Video of Joy Style Trends
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