Rouge G de Guerlain, my favorite jewelry lipstick

Written by ME

Guerlain has a good habit of making high quality lipsticks with an outstanding experience of choosing it and personalization, which is one of the most subtle and powerful trend of the beauty market in the present.

The collection of the lipstick Rouge G inspired by gemstones with sheer shine shade finish is very exquisite and beautiful and doesn’t make any exception.

The 7 shades of this lipstick in the form of gemstones are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for every skin tone.

Rouge G de Guerlain in my fantasy beauty land
My Urban Emerald double mirror cap

The sheer shine finish of Rouge G is very much alike a very subtle diamond powder which makes this lipstick very elegant, is not too shiny, it has just the perfect amount of reflective pigments to make this lipstick perfect for a natural makeup, or a glam look, or even for a special occasion makeup.

Rouge G with sheer shine finish isn’t though just a good lipstick, it’s one of the best lipstick in this category of makeup products because it’s made only from the high quality ingredients.

Among this ingredients, hyaluronic acid and Guggul resin are the ones that help to hydrate and create a smoothing effect for my lips in a special way, like no other lipstick that I have tried before. It’s absolutely marvelous, a real masterpiece of Guerlain.

And this lipstick smells great: it has a sweet vanilla scent and the sparkle of fresh notes from orange, lemon and bergamot makes this lipstick to be perfectly fragranced.

VIDEO ROUGE G de Guerlain sheer shine shade in my fantasy beauty land. Tell me, please, when you are ready!
This is a detail photo of G letter from my lipstick Rouge G de Guerlain sheer shine shade

What is the most exciting part of this makeup product? The choice, not only the shade of the lipstick, but even the case of the lipstick.

They come separately, the lipstick shade can be bought itself, it has a small black cap that can be removed or can be kept for the protection of the lipstick.

Rouge G doesn’t have just an ordinary case for the lipstick, but real small pieces of jewelry. It’s a double mirror cap that comes in many colors and styles that can be addictive: after I got one, I want them all.

And the names of these cases are very sweet, like: Nomad Queen, Bright in Black or Wild Jungle.

My Sapphire Desire double mirror cap

These accessories are real pieces of jewelry for my makeup bag, that’s why Rouge G became my favorite jewelry lipstick here in my fantasy beauty land.

My Rouge G de Guerlain the sheer shine lipstick shade with Emerald Wish double mirror cap
A few shots with this luxurious lipstick Rouge G de Guerlain in my fantasy beauty land. Well shots.

There is another aspect I want to write about here: Rouge G, the sheer shine lipstick shade has the best web presentation that a luxurious lipstick deserves to have it in 2021 on its own cosmetic brand website, from my point of view.

This gorgeous lipstick has a remarkable 3 D web simulation of how the product looks like with more options to try different cases. It’s a beautiful experience when it comes to purchasing products online, very relaxing, to play with that Rouge G shades and cases while trying to find the perfect match.

I think this is how a brand shows the real appreciation for their clients and makes the shopping experience exquisite.

My Emerald Wish double mirror cap
My Emerald Wish is my command. Just one?
Would you mind…to try this?
VIDEO OF MY FAVORITE JEWELRY LIPSTICK. There are 7 sheer shine lipstick shades of Rouge G de Guerlain. In my Joy Style Trends fantasy beauty land there is Rouge G de Guerlain in shade N° 699.