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A remarkable high quality mascara: Chanel Le Volume de Chanel

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Among the qualities that I am looking for in any mascara that I use for my makeup is to make my eyelashes full of volume and very curly. That’s because I think that if there is a makeup product that has an important influence, this is the mascara. Le Volume de Chanel mascara is an impressive, luxurious, extraordinary product and is a part of my essential makeup product list. After I apply this mascara, my eyelashes look absolutely gorgeous even if I don’t use a curler for my eyelashes. Le Volume de Chanel is a mascara that instantly make the eyelashes longer from the first coat applied, full of volume, curl them lash by lash and has a very intense shade of black. The rubber brush of the mascara has the bristles arranged in the shape of the snowflakes, which is a a special shape of the Chanel mascara that separates every lash, makes them very curly, thick, longer and full of volume. This is a longwear mascara that stays on the eyelashes all day long and the shade 10 Noir is very intense, perfect for a daily makeup or for a special occasion makeup.

For boost the volume and length of the eyelashes, Le Volume de Chanel can be used after the primer La Base Mascara.

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