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DIOR Rouge Blush in 962 Poison Matte shade has a splendid color on my cheeks

DIOR Rouge Blush 962 Poison Matte Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media
There are a few essential makeup products that I am using everyday: primer, foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick and blush or bronzer and blush. When it’s about the shade of the blush for my cheeks, I take into considerations a lot of factors: not only the color, but the undertones, the finish style, the pigmentation, the coverage, the texture because I prefer the powdery blushes that I can use them with the right brush, the way it looks the package, the brand and sometimes, the ad campaign for the product that influence me.

DIOR Rouge Blush in shade 962 Poison Matte it’s a long wear powder blush, with extraordinary color for my cheeks: not too pinky, with a purple color, has cool undertones, it’s very pigmented and has a very good coverage even just for one layer, but I use the blush in more than three or four layers on different areas of the cheekbones and has such an elegant matte finish, perfect for a daily makeup. The Rouge Blush from Dior it’s perfect for a natural effect, it’s very easy to blend it, can be used for a glowy and illuminating effect, but I use different brushes for this way of makeup, and also I can use this blush for sculpting style of makeup, even without a bronzer underneath. Altough I have other blushes for shimmery or satin finish, there are days when I apply over a very slightly layer of highlighter for a shimmery effect and it looks gorgeous.
DIOR Rouge Blush Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media
DIOR Rouge Blush 962 Poison Matte, in my fantasy beauty land

This beautiful blush is part of the Couture Color Makeup Collection from DIOR and there are 8 beautiful shades. The package of this makeup product is very luxurious and stylish, glamorous and chic, it’s a lacquered little box with DIOR logo and a perfect mirror inside and with a little brush and has a black elegant velvet pouch with Christian Dior embossed logo that protects the little box of the blush from scratches in the makeup bag. It also has a transparent plastic cover when it’s new, with a little space for the tiny brush, so that the blush powder can be protected until it’s used. And the powder blush has Christian Dior logo embossed on the surface, too.
DIOR Rouge Blush 962 Poison Matte Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media
DIOR Rouge Blush 962 Poison Matte, Photo Of Joy Style Trends Media
It’s such a joy to use this blush even only for this package that looks tremendously luxurious and sumptuous. I really enjoy taking picture of me when I use this blush because I really like how it looks the DIOR logo. Does it make sense to you?
DIOR Rouge Blush 962 Poison Matte Video Of Joy Style Trends Media

It’s a sunshine day and before I go to lunch, I look at my makeup and I smile: I have this magnificent DIOR Rouge Blush on my cheeks and my thoughts fly to France, to Paris…Wow, this week, thursday actually is the National Day Of France. Vive La France! What a beautiful, inspiring country, the most romantic country in the world: Louvre, Versaille, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, Honoré de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas, my favorite Alexandre Dumas the son, Molière, Jean Paul Sartre, Baudelaire, Voltaire, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Les Alpes, Champagne, Raclette, Crème brulée and the most beautiful, extraordinaire, sophisticated and high quality cosmetics and perfumes from all around the world…and love, love with beautiful histoire, passion, desire…and makeup products. And DIOR!

Joyeux 14 Juillet!

Happy Bastille Day!

I love you, France! I wish you to have a beautiful party!

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