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Guerlain celebrates World Bee Day with a limited edition of the iconic Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil

Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil Limited edition by the artist Céline Cléron

To mark this occasion, Guerlain collaborated with French painter, sculptor and visual artist Céline Cléron to redesign the limited-edition bottle and packaging of the Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil. The design features part of the water colour illustration she created for the brand which depicts what people can do to help save bees at home.

It was inspired by a large field of flowers and a buzzing garden, portraying nature’s ballet led by the bees’ attraction to the flower.

More than that, LVMH-owned beauty and fragrance house Guerlain is celebrating World Bee Day with its third annual fundraising campaign to support its bee conservation programme.

Between 20 May when it’s the World Bee Day and 22 May when it’s celebrated the International Day of Biological Diversity, the brand is donating 20% of global sales to support the initiative.

As part of its World Bee Day celebrations, the house will also highlight the Bee School sessions – an initiative that seeks to raise children’s awareness of bee protection. The sessions will feature global brand ambassadors including Angelina Jolie, Gina Alice, Karen Wazen, Blanca Suarez, Antonela Roccuzzo, Mirei Kiritani, Lena Simonne and Camille Charrière.

The Bee School was first introduced in France before it went global in 2021. Nearly 6,000 children in over ten countries have been able to learn about the various issues facing bees and biodiversity conservation. Aside from discussions, students also participate in question-and-answer sessions, workshops, and games to test their knowledge. Each of them receives a Bee School certificate after completing the programme.

The company targets 100,000 children to participate in these sessions by 2025, and by then, 100% of its employees will have led at least one session.

The Guerlain For Bees Conservation Programme features various initiatives and partnerships that represent four thematic pillars: preserve and pollinate, education, empower and innovate, as it was first reported by The Moodie Davitt Report, .

The preserve and pollinate initiative features partnerships with various organisations including the Brittany Black Bee Conservatory Association based on the island of Ouessant, the Shan Shui Conservation Center NGO, in collaboration with the Chinese National Department of Education.

To promote education on bee protection among young children, the Bee School was established in partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The Women for Bees Programme, launched last year, aims to empower women to become financially independent through beekeeping, while protecting the habitats of endangered bee populations. The house teamed up with UNESCO in its Biosphere Reserves and independently with referential local NGOs. Angelina Jolie represents this campaign.

To drive innovation, the programme is also being sponsored by the French Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the French National Museum of Natural History for three years.


Advanced Youth Watery Oil combines the most powerful bee products selected by Guerlain research to allow skin to repair itself nine times faster¹. Skin looks plumped-up and is visibly younger. Its non-greasy formula is made of 95% naturally-derived ingredients².

¹Instrumental test, 20 volunteers, 2 applications per day, after 3 days. ²Calculation based on the international ISO standard 16128, including water. The remaining 5% help to optimise the formula’s integrity over time and its sensory texture.


The Dynamic Blackbee Repair technology combines the most powerful bee products, selected by Guerlain Research: the exceptional Black Bee honey from Ouessant Island (Brittany, France), enriched with three other honeys from unspoilt islands (Corsica, Ikaria and Åland) and an exclusive royal jelly. This exclusive technology inspired by the latest discoveries in neuroscience accelerates the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.


Made up of 95% naturally-derived ingredients¹, the Advanced Youth Watery Oil’s formula combines an exceptional blend of bee products: pure Black Bee honey from Ouessant Island (Brittany, France), rich Corsican honey (France), the legendary honey from the Island of Ikaria (Greece), rare honey from the Äland archipelago (Finland) and an exclusive French royal jelly, all from exclusive protected channels, using beekeeping methods that are kind to bees and the environment.

¹Calculation based on the international ISO standard 16128, including water. The remaining 5% contribute to optimizing the formula’s integrity over time and its sensorial texture.


Just 18 km off the coast of Brittany is the Island of Ouessant, a UNESCO biosphere reserve with an ecosystem that is parasite-free and protected from pesticides. On this island, the Black Bee produces honey of unrivalled purity, with exceptional properties. Rich in amino acids, trace elements and high in fructose-content, this honey offers the essential ingredients that are vital in the visible repair process of signs of aging.


At the heart of the Mediterranean is the famous Corsican maquis, a nature reserve protected by the European Union and an inexhaustible source of a variety of essences. Withing this protected environment with its particularly rich flora, the bees have adapted to create an exceptional honey bursting with trace elements.


Produced in very small quantities, royal jelly is the most precious substance from the beehive, capable of transforming an ordinary bee into a queen with exceptional vitality. To guarantee the high quality and traceability of its royal jelly, Guerlain has developed its own exclusive sourcing in France. The royal jelly is a natural source of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and vitamins.


The mountainous island of Ikaria, in the Aegean Sea, is considered to be one of the world’s five “blue zones”, recognised for the exceptionally high life expectancy of its populations. Beekeeping on the island remains traditional and takes place in a protected environment. The bees make a precious forest honey that is remarkably high in minerals.


The Åland archipelago in Finland is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is located in the Baltic Sea and home to bees that are incredibly resistant to the cold climate. Its forests are highly biodiverse and contain a wide range of melliferous trees that help its bees to create a unique honey distinctive for its abundance of amino acids.


Made using our unique formulation know-how, its surprising texture offers the richness of an oil, the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum. Made from 95% naturally-derived ingredients¹, its formula, enriched with efficient microbeads, works immediately to moisturise the skin without weighing it down.

¹Calculation based on the international ISO standard 16128, including water. The remaining 5% contribute to optimizing the formula’s integrity over time and its sensorial texture.


Use it morning and evening before the Double R Renew & Repair Serum or the Day Cream.

Step 1: shake the bottle to ensure the correct amount of microbeads.

Step 2: take 2 or 3 drops. Warm the product between your palms.

Step 3: using the palms of your hands, smooth it into the skin, starting in the middle of the face and moving outwards.

Step 4: replump by making fists with your hands, place them on your cheeks, then make upward rotating movements.


Céline Cléron is a French visual artist. In her Parisian studio, she creates hybrid works often inspired by animals and the cycle of life. In 2010, she created the work La Régente using the skills of a beekeeper and his winged workers. She placed a ruff, a symbol of royal finery, inside a hive. The bees then meticulously fashioned a honeycomb structure impregnated with honey and wax.

The animal figure is extremely important and recurrent in my work. Its convocation is a way of addressing our human nature and questioning our place in the kingdom of life. When I carried out the “Regentes” project, discovering the world of bees led me to become aware of both their extreme importance in our ecosystem and the urgent need to protect them.

Céline Cléron


The youth ritual is composed of the Advanced Youth Watery Oil for a plumped-up, smoother and more radiant skin and the Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum which offers a double efficacy: peeling and lifting effects.

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