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GUERLAIN presents the new Bee Bottle from the Exceptional Creations: Bouquet De La Mariée in 10 unique and numbered collection pieces of Murano Edition

GUERLAIN Bouquet De La Mariée Murano Edition

Guerlain continues the celebration of 170th Anniversary of the iconic Bee Bottle with a new limited edition of only 10 pieces from one of the most beautiful idea, Exceptional Creations Bouquet De La Mariée, this time a Murano Edition by Aristide Najean 2023. This is pure art!

Let’s take a closer look of the story of this wonderful fragrance in such exceptional bottle:


On 30 January 1853, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain created the emblematic Bee Bottle for Empress Eugénie on the occasion of her wedding to Napoleon III. On this 170th anniversary, the iconic Bee Bottle is continuing its dazzling epic and bringing its foraging bees to rest on the banks of the island of Murano in Italy for a new collaboration. The master glassmaker Aristide Najean dialogues with this exceptional bottle to deliver a realistic interpretation of the bridal bouquet in 10 unique and numbered pieces of collection.


It is at the heart of the Venetian lagoon, that Guerlain has called on the talent of Aristide Najean. A fashioner of molten material, the French sculptor and artist has been trained by the greatest master glassmakers. For over 20 years, the artist has been turning his bags of sand and quartz into delicate creations in the most crystalline element imaginable. Currently the only French artist on the island with his own glassmaking workshop, Aristide Najean reveals all his pictorial experience, colours and sense of light and shade in the crystalline material.

GUERLAIN Bouquet De La Mariée Murano Edition
GUERLAIN Bouquet De La Mariée Murano Edition


These everlasting flowers born in a virtuosic movement today bear witness to Guerlain’s most delicate know-how and values of excellence. This precious composition, a masterpiece of Venetian craftsmanship, creates a subtle play of opacity and transparency true to the sculptural dimension of the artist’s work. Its structure is formed around a leaf of blown glass inlaid with 24-carat gold, from which bursts a wave of white flowers, symbolising eternal union and purity.


A technical feat, this bottle comes to life in the finest tradition of the art of Murano glass requiring expert dexterity. In the greatest secrecy, the legendary manufacturing techniques are passed down from father to son or from master to pupils since antiquity. The glass is melted to 1,400°C, according to an alchemical process, in traditional refractory stone kilns. This bottle is born in a fluid choreography of movements: Aristide Najean picks each flower, as if he were composing a bouquet. Assisted by his workers, the artist works each petal, leaf, stem, stretches the glass, coats it with 24-carat gold leaf.

GUERLAIN Bouquet De La Mariée Murano Edition
GUERLAIN Bouquet De La Mariée Murano Edition

Perfume is an extraordinary alchemy that is linked to the glass transformation process.

Aristide Najean


This everlasting bouquet dialogues with another ode to love: Bouquet de la Mariée, iconic perfume of the House. Like a depiction of the invisible, the bouquet that springs up in a gentle movement echoes the fragrance contained within. The composition of this extract is illustrated by intense flowers with scented power that will never fade. The armful of orange blossom – an iconic good-luck charm for a bride, deliciously accompanied by a sugared almond accord, dazzles in a cloud of immaculate musk, vanilla and frankincense.

There are only 10 bee bottles with Bouquet de la Mariée fragrance from Murano Edition available to purchase in the world, they have 1L of Guerlain perfume extract each of them and only for collectors because these bee bottles are real work of art, masterpieces.

These are real exquisite perfume fragrances with very special bottles.

What a beautiful history has the Bee Bottle of Guerlain perfumes!

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